Justice For Kalikho Pul (Former CM, Arunanchal Pradesh)

Campaign on ‘Justice For Kalikho Pul’ after Arunanchal Pradesh’s CM Kalikho Pul committed suicide as he was tortured by big Lawyers, Politicians and Judges because of which he lost hope and wrote a 60 page note ‘Mera Safar’ as his suicide letter. Represented in the Supreme Court and petitioned to Former President Shri Pranab Mukherjee for intervention.

Sahara Birla Diaries Leak

Campaign on ‘Sahara-Birla Diaries’ which exposed many politicians across party lines on getting bribed to cover up corporates. This was taken up in the Supreme Court but the court didn’t order any investigation.

Appointment of Lokpal

Appointment of Lokpal

Dedicated campaign till 2018 and a Public Interest Litigation lead by Prashant Bhushan for the appointment of Lokpal in the Supreme Court of India. The government had to appoint a Lokpal after court orders.