Anti-mob Lynching | 2017

Anti-mob Lynching | 2017

The committees across the country also visited places and families who were victims of ‘Mob Lynching’. Yogendra Yadav gifted a cow to Pehlu Khan’s family as a symbolic message to the society.

Sewa Ke Haath | 2020

Delhi Riots resulted in havoc and left many in need of immediate assistance for their survival. Aman Committees ensured distribution of food and essentials items as well as legal help to those affected by violence.

We Are With Kashmir | 2019

Post the Pulwama attack, multiple instances of attacks on Kashmiris living outside Kashmir were coming to light with students being a majority of the affected. Along with other organisations, activists and state machinery, Swaraj Abhiyan was successful in evacuating students to safer places.