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  • The Party aims to attain Swaraj for and within our country, our society, our globe and ourselves.
  • For us, Swaraj is rule of the self and rule over one’s self, freedom from all forms of Dominance and freedom for self-realization at every level of human life, so that we have:
    • Democratic governance that is transparent, accountable, participatory and de- centralized
    • Sustainable economic development that encourages human enterprise and ensures well-being for all
    • Just society that achieves true harmony across divisions of gender, caste, class, race and religion, etc. based on equality
    • Education, knowledge and culture that fosters human understanding, enriches diverse cultural heritage of humankind and promotes quest for truth
    • Global peace involving harmonious existence among nations and states, humans, other living beings and nature and
    • Human happiness that comes from individual liberty, freedom of thought and autonomy in ideas and deep self-awareness and self-transformation
  • In order to realize this ideal, the Party seeks to intervene in democratic politics and governance by:
    • Taking part in elections by putting up candidates, declaring manifesto and forming a government to give effect to the manifesto
    • Using legitimate constitutional means to launch agitations, struggles and movements; Carrying out constructive work
    • Evolving new ideas, policies and models and
    • Training citizens to imbibe values of Swaraj.
  • In order to ensure that there is no gap between the principles and practices of the Party, it would strive for:
    • Transparency and accountability in its functioning
    • Participatory democracy wherein the voice of every member is respected
    • Democratic decision making that respects the voice of dissent
    • Collective leadership that avoids personality cult of any kind
    • Decentralization of power, so that higher levels of organizations take only those
    • decisions that cannot be taken at grassroots levels
    • Social diversity, giving due representation to marginal and disadvantaged social
    • groups and
    • Truthfulness and upholding highest standards of integrity in public life
  • The Party will not in any manner promote or instigate or participate in violence.
  • The Party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.