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Now that the Narendra Modi government has agreed to amend the farm laws, why are farmers being so stubborn? Shouldn’t they seek amendments of their choice, rather than ask for

Ever heard of “moral economy of the peasant”? You must understand this awkward phrase if you wish to make sense

A bizarre logic is being deployed by the Narendra Modi government and a section of media in the current standoff

There is a well-known rustic north Indian story of ‘99 pyaj aur 100 joote’. Ninety-nine onions or a hundred shoes. A man was asked to choose

The rise of the AIMIM, or All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen worries me. When I said this in a TV debate

Two weeks ago, I wrote on why I was not excited about the Bihar election. The first response came from Rama Lakshmi, Opinion Editor at The Print, as she

Democrats all over the world wait anxiously for the much-deserved departure of Donald Trump. It could be a long wait and

I can’t get myself excited about the assembly election in Bihar where polling began today. This is a strange feeling for an

Is farming profitable?” Now, take a guess: from which part of India do you expect to hear a ‘yes’ to this question? I bet