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Historical Youth Summit of “Yuva Hallabol” in Delhi on 27th January

Historical Youth Summit of “Yuva Hallabol” in Delhi on 27th January

. Historical Youth Summit of “Yuva Hallabol” in Delhi on 27th January
. A persistent Youth movement ensuing post Farmer movement
. More than 50 youth organizations from all over country rally under the slogan “Want Jobs, Not Jumlas”
. Yuva Hallabol shall hold the governments accountable by exposing corruption and scarcity of jobs
. Proposal of “Model Exam Code” to rectify delay in selection process so that the selection process is completed within 9 months
. Fill 24 Lakh government vacancies and stop charging examination fees from unemployed students: Yuva Hallabol
. Yuva Hallabol releases list of 24 examinations whose question papers were leaked in 2018
. Yuva Hallabol meetings with various youth leaders and groups before 27 January
. Yuva Hallabol starts online petition on listing their demands, hope to receive support
. Yuva Hallabol website launched at that will be a credible source of information for struggles of unemployed youth

Yuva Hallabol movement is holding a historical “Youth Summit” on 27th January in Delhi where youth leaders and representatives protesting on the issue of unemployment in the country shall come together. Apart from these youth leaders, groups protesting against all selection commissions and recruitment boards shall also rally together. This “Youth Summit” in the national capital Delhi shall also focus on depleting job opportunities and expose corruption in recruitments making governments accountable.

About 50 youth groups from all over the country shall address a Press Conference in Delhi on Tuesday ( . They shall put forth the future roadmap and demands under the slogan “Want Jobs, Not Jumlas” with the media.

Youth have listed their demands in an online petition st It is expected that this will receive massive support from unemployed youth all over the country.

Launching the official website of Yuva Halla Bol, Anupam informed that in the times to come, it shall be not only a credible source of information regarding various youth movements against unemployment, but also an important platform for unemployed youth to join and contribute in the movements.

Referring to the frequent instances of paper leaks, Yuva Halla Bol said that it is unfortunate that such incidents have become so common that now they fail to get attention from the mainstream media and the public in general. Due to an increase in instances of paper leak, the youth is loosing confidence in fairness of selection procedure. Yuva Halla Bol notified that only in year 2018, the papers for about 24 exams got leaked. (The Dark Regime of Paper Leaks)

Gaurav, who is associated with Yuva Shakti Sangathan, an organisation working continuously on the issue of unemployment, said that the government has failed to fulfil the promise of generating about 1 crore jobs yearly. It was due to failure of the previous government to fulfil its promises that the youth of this country placed its trust in the Modi government which has decreased the employment opportunities available rather than generating new ones. Moreover, the instances of corruption have increased. A recent report by CMIE shows that in the year 2018, about 1.1 crore jobs were lost. It has thus become necessary that the government brings in a law that guarantees employment to every educated youth of the country, thus giving them an opportunity to contribute in nation building.

Manish Kumar, the convenor of Youth for Swaraj, said that the movement, Yuva HallaBol movement started during the Nationwide SSC protests, in March 2018. Since then, they have fought against the irregularities in almost all other exams. He said that in last 10 months, Yuva HallaBol has become a bold voice against the lack of availability of and corruption in appointments in government jobs. Now, more than 50 organisations from all over the country have come together to fight against unemployment.

Yogesh Yadav, who is associates with Surajya Sena and has been fighting for the rights of unemployed youth in Maharashtra said that on one hand the unemployed youth is protesting on the roads while on other, more than 24 lakh posts are lying vacant. Above all, the government is trying to abolish these vacant posts. Today, the number of posts in almost all department are being reduced, be it UPSC or State Selection Commission. In 2014, Exams were conducted for 1364 seats in civil services and in 2018, it got reduced to 782. Yuva HallaBol strictly demands that the vacant 24 lakh posts be immediately filled.

Nadim Khan, who is associated with United Against Hate, expressed his concern on the widespread unemployment by saying that this government is not working on any issues and is instead trying to hide them by not releasing data. The government has put a stop on the Labor Bureau Survey that provided quarterly rate of unemployment. On top of this, it is trying to mislead the public by using the EPFO data. He said that the present regime has become famous for trying to hide problems through data manipulation and media management, instead of solving them. He said that it has done this with all issues, be it farmer suicides or youth unemployment.

Yuva HallaBol’s Govind Mishra said that on the one hand Jobs are not being given and on the other, the selection procedure is excessively slow. Though the DoPT ministry, in 2016, issued notifications ordering any direct recruitment to be completed within a period of 6 months, yet the government has not been able to enforce its orders. Last year, a student named Sumit committed suicide on grounds of delay in appointment despite him clearing the SSC. To counter this problem, Yuva HallaBol has proposed a ‘Model Exam Code’ under which the complete procedure, right from releasing of advertisements to appointment will be completed within 9 months. Govind said that if a Model Code can be enforced for elections, it can definitely be brought in for exams that decide the future of the youth of this country. Informing that Model Exam Code too is a part of its demands, Yuva Halla Bol gave a slogan of, “Model Code laagu karo, nau mahine main naukari do.”

President of Mithila Students Union, Roshan Maithil, who has been working on the issue of education and employment among the youth in Bihar, said that it is beyond understanding that why is it that the government is looting the youth off crores of rupees in name of fees for filing applications. Yuva Halla Bol demands that the government should stop charging fees in name of applications so that young people from all economic and social backgrounds get an equal opportunity.

Berozgar Sena’s Satya Prakash Tripathi, who is working among the youth in Madhya Pradesh emphasised on the requirement of unity amongst the youth, saying that many youth movements are taking place nationwide but not all of them are successful. The government is trying to divide the youth of the country on various grounds and to fight unemployment the youth must stand together. He said that it is this that makes Yuva Halla Bol a necessary campaign.

Addressing the press conference, Anupam said that today, the youth is uncertain and feels insecure regarding the future. The employment opportunities are continuously decreasing. While 24 lakh posts lie vacant, the youth is frantically looking for jobs. Even if more avenues for employment get generated, exams aren’t conducted and when they are conducted, the papers get leaked. The students are complaining that neither hard work nor merit ensures jobs, it is only money and lobbying that helps. Moreover, even if the exams get conducted righteously, the government takes years to make appointments, the sucide of Sumit from Jharkhand being testimony to the fact. It is prevalence of such dire state of affairs that guide Yuva Halla Bol to take the responsibility to present the problems of the youth of this country in front of the public in general. Informing about the upcoming ‘Youth Summit’, that is to take place on 27th January, Anupam said that on the Youth day, i.e. 12th January, Youth Panchayats would be organised in about 24 cities, so as to discuss the demands of Yuva Halla Bol and to prepare for the Summit to be held on 27th.

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