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Swaraj India Statement on four years of BJP Govt marked by onslaught on Constitution & Democracy; job-loss growth, increasing communal tension, rural distress and overarching insecurity among Dalits, minorities & women

Swaraj India Statement on four years of BJP Govt marked by onslaught on Constitution & Democracy; job-loss growth, increasing communal tension, rural distress and overarching insecurity among Dalits, minorities & women

Other than having provided some evocative slogans like ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Smart City’, ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’, Modi government draws a near zero score. Grandiose announcements with no political will to implement them are the hall mark of this regime. On all indices, economic and social, the country has been dragged down the ladder.

What the BJP govt has succeeded in doing is that it has weakened the social fabric of our democracy causing irreparable damage to the country & society. Constitutional norms are being openly flouted, the foundations of our democracy have been weakened, the judiciary is either being replaced by ‘yes-men’ or strangulated, dissent anywhere is being muzzled and the media is being used as propaganda machinery of the Govt. with venomous journalism.

Every section of the society, every community, today feels more insecure than before. Farmers are insecure because of poor crop prices and the debt trap they have been lured into. While the government has promised to double the farmers income by 2022, the truth is that in the last four years the real income has not increased even by 2%. Small businesses are in turmoil; the economy still has not been able to recover from effects of demonetisation and the shoddy implementation of GST.

“Women are unsafe because of increasing incidents of sexual assault and violence, with members of the ruling party rushing to save the accused, even when not being themselves accused of the crimes. The Dalit community is unsafe because of rise in direct and indirect attacks. The community is worried and insecure after weakening of the legal system of reservation and loosening of anti-tyrannical law. Religious minorities are undergoing unprecedented insecurity. The Muslim community has practically been made to feel anxious & threatened. Violence against religious minorities, especially Muslims, is spreading openly; criminals are being encouraged and protected. A law is being made to define the citizenship of India on religious lines. The country is unsafe because despite the claims of surgical strike, incidents of encroachment and terror attack from Pakistan have increased. Relations with neighbouring countries & even old friends are seeing a challenging phase and China’s movements have become more aggressive,” Swaraj India President Yogendra Yadav said.

All the key promises of the BJP Govt have turned out to be hollow. Prime Minister Modi had promised to deliver one crore jobs every year but the number of jobs have decreased in reality. While the UPA govt brought a job-less growth, the BJP Govt has given this country a ‘job-loss’ growth.

The employment of the organised sector stands unchanged and the employment opportunities in the unorganised sector have come down. While employment opportunities in government sector are decreasing, the rigging and corruption for these opportunities keeps increasing.

“What Mr. Modi has been successful in achieving is youth (who have been rendered jobless) are on streets for lack of opportunities & fair selection, insecurity among Dalits and minorities is at a peak, people committing hate crimes are being glorified, safety of women is on a steady fall with BJP leaders either busy protecting those who committed horrible crimes against women, or at times, being the criminals themselves,” Swaraj India National Spokesperson Anupam said.

“Mr. Modi has been in election mode throughout the four years of his party being in power. He has been campaigning all the while. In between polarising voters, in case he did manage to find some time, he was busy in forging unholy alliances to form governments by any possible means; certainly governance takes a hit when you have a Prime Minister in perennially in campaign mode,” Anupam added.

“Corruption is on the rise, authority of anti-corruption bodies has been eroded, under the guise of protecting the honest, corrupt officers are being shielded, demonetisation turned out to be a disaster, black money is as it was in 2014, Lokpal has been put to cold storage – the list of Modi government’s failures is endless. In four years this government has weakened the corruption prevention institutions and laws, appointed corrupt officials in these institutions and punished honest officers. In spite of all efforts by the government to hide the truth, mega-corruption incidents like Birla-Sahara Diary, Rafale Scam, Jai Shah and Adani are now reaching the public. Corruption in BJP-ruled states is also breaking the Congress record,” said Prashant Bhushan, President Swaraj Abhiyan.