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The people of Delhi have been suffering for five years in the political tussle between the AAP and the BJP: Swaraj India

The people of Delhi have been suffering for five years in the political tussle between the AAP and the BJP: Swaraj India

Press release, 16 november, 2019
Swaraj India, Delhi
The people of Delhi have been suffering for five years in the political tussle between the AAP and the BJP: Swaraj India
*Much damage done to the interests of Delhi due to these parties’ political games and petty confrontations. Their real intentions in respect of resolving the issues Delhi faces are suspect.
*The Kejriwal government has done virtually nothing for Delhi in the last 55 months. It now pretends to be working in last 5 months. Their massive false propaganda at public expense continues: Navneet Tiwari (General Secretary, Swaraj India Delhi State)
*Delhi has special and unique administrative needs. Confrontation or tussles won’t do. There is a great need for mutual cooperation and coordination among all three tiers of government. Swaraj India will raise the real issues of Delhi in the upcoming assembly elections, present lasting practical lasting solutions and propose a Swaraj Model of effective governance.
*Priority to be given to capable and active social workers, women and young candidates: Colonel Jaivir Singh (President, Swaraj India Delhi State)
*Swaraj India is not a mere political party, it is an “abhiyan” and a mission which has always fought for people’s causes and will continue to do so: Professor Ajit Jha (National Executive President, Swaraj India)
*A series of public hearings, “Jansunwai”, planned on key issues in many areas of Delhi. The first Jansunwai to be held in Mangolpuri assembly constituency on November 17, on the acute problem of alcoholism and drug abuse.
People of the national capital, Delhi continue to suffer on account of the political pretend-fight still going on between the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP. Over the last 5 years, both parties have tried to take credit for every little thing they have done, mounting expensive advertisements and massive public campaigns, showcasing mainly their leaders’ photographs and their supposed achievements.
However, neither the Aam Aadmi Party at the state level, nor the BJP in both the central government and the MCD, have managed to address real Delhi issues like pollution, garbage and sanitation, sealing, metro fares, alcoholism and drug abuse, and women’s safety. The people of Delhi are choking on highly polluted air. Most areas of Delhi have no access to clean drinking water. All other problems too remain as they are.
Delhi continues to suffer on account of this pointless confrontation. By ascribing responsibility to the other party, each party tries to hide its own failures. It is now abundantly clear from this game of accusations and bluster that the two ruling parties controlling all three levels of Delhi government – central, state and MCD, have little interest in public well-being, and only want to hold on to office and power at any cost.
General Secretary of Swaraj India Delhi State, Navneet Tiwari said that the Kejriwal government has done virtually nothing for Delhi in the last 55 months. It now has to pretend to work in the last 5 months. Believing their earnest promises of freedom from corruption, good governance and true Swaraj, the large-hearted people of Delhi had given a massive majority to a new party premised on honest politics, but all their hopes now lie shattered. It is absolutely clear that the Kejriwal government that has failed to fulfil any of its manifesto promises in the past four-and-a-half years, is now pretending to work hard just before the elections. In the meanwhile, their massive false propaganda at huge public expense continues.
He said that the Kejriwal government has repeatedly tried to cover up its many failures by pretending to be hamstrung by Delhi’s three-tiered administrative structure. Delhi’s governance system is indeed complex and unique, and there is a great need for cooperation and coordination, but certainly not confrontation and tussle. Delhi in fact now needs a well-intentioned new political alternative, one that can bring all three tiers of government together and work to resolve issues amicably.
Swaraj India’s Delhi State President Colonel Jaivir Singh said that the party will put up a strong contest in Delhi’s upcoming assembly elections and will work hard to bring centrestage the real and urgent public issues of Delhi. A Swaraj model of good governance, together with effective solutions to key problems, and a cogent and practical action plan will also be presented, the overall objective being to make the national capital safe, secure, liveable and well-governed.
He said that it is very important to bring honest, capable and public-spirited people into electoral politics. Due to endemic corruption and poor image of existing parties and their leaders, most such people tend to shy away from active politics. Swaraj is a democratic and safe platform for such capable people who can work for the betterment and progress of Delhi. Swaraj India will give preference to social workers, women and young candidates and will bring to the forefront capable grassroots activists in its election campaign.
It may be recalled that in the last MCD elections Swaraj India was able to bring the issues of environment, pollution, alcoholism and drug addiction to the centrestage of Delhi politics, despite not having much electoral success. In last month’s Haryana Assembly elections too, Swaraj India was successful in making the issues of unemployment, farming crisis and women’s security a core part of the electoral discourse, highlighting the failure of the ruling party to address these.
The National Executive President of Swaraj India, Professor Ajit Jha will lead the party’s Campaign Committee in this Delhi Assembly Election. He said that Swaraj India is not just a political party, it is also a campaign and a mission that has always fought for alternative politics, systemic change and social justice and will continue to do so. We are not in the race for mere power, we have to fulfill our responsibility to represent. We consider ourselves responsible and accountable to the people of Delhi. Honest, capable and strong candidates, fearless clear thinking, a direct and focused approach, sharp and accurate assessment of the real issues, an effective and practical manifesto – Swaraj India believes that Delhi deserves all these and much more. In short, “Delhi Deserves Better”, he said.
Shri Navneet Tiwari said that Swaraj India has already started the process of public contact and outreach in Delhi. Swaraj India will now conduct a series of “jansunwai” or public hearings in various locations on key public issues. The first of these public hearings will be held on November 17 in the Mangolpuri assembly constituency on the issue of alcohol and drug abuse, in the presence of Swaraj India National President Shri Yogendra Yadav.


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